Graduated from 2 Year Machine Apprentice Program.

Successfully completed courses in shop math, blueprint reading, quality control, and statistics.

Setup and ran presses, grinders, lathes, mills, drills, and CNC controlled machines.

Read blueprints and maintained tolerances to +/- .0005.

Processed parts from blueprint to shop floor.

Designed, coded, debugged, and modified CNC programs ( Allen Bradley and FANUC controls)

Supervised UAW production workers on shop floor.

Gear and Sprocket lines.

Supervised and motivated 28 UAW production employees to maintain production parts for local Assembly operations, interplant, and parts orders including all gears (planetary and helical) and wheel sprockets. Machines included gear hobs, gear shavers and shapers, CNC turning lathes, broaches, mills, and multiple and radial drills.

Miscellaneous parts lines.

Supervised and motivated 26 UAW production employees to maintain production parts for Assembly operations, interplant, and parts orders. Had responsibility for hundreds of different parts. Mill and centers, mills, radial drills, Warner & Swasey tape machines, and CNC lathes were utilized.

Process Control

Selected, tested, and upgraded software and hardware used to post process CNC programs (APT language). Designed and coded system used for storing new programs and deleting obsolete CNC programs. Over five thousand programs were successfully maintained by this system.

Evaluated, tested, and purchased graphics software and hardware which enabled CNC programmers to simulate and debug their new programs on a graphics CRT. They are able to verify clearances and interference to reduce/eliminate wrecks on machines when testing new tapes.

Evaluated, tested, selected, and installed graphic workstations used by Engineering to draw all blueprints. Maintained software and hardware used for storing, retrieving, and backup of these finished blueprints on-line. Over fifteen thousand prints with local design control are stored.

Evaluated, tested, selected, debugged, and maintained plotting system and delivery method of data used for printing blueprints.