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Management Information Systems


Operations Management


Personnel Supervision


LAN Management


Budget Preparation/Control


Planning & Development


Customer Relations


Computer Software/Hardware


Computer Programming




Self-employed 6/05 - present.

DSN (Diversified Services Network) 2/97- 5/05 (Contract to Illinois Department of Public Aid in Springfield, IL)


Visual Basic, HTML – see ‘Academic credentials’ below.

Design, test, and implement form flashes on IBM OS mainframe utilizing Xerox Lapres 4045 protocol. Design, test, and implement bar-code applications on IBM OS mainframe utilizing barcode 3 of 9 and barcode 128.

Design, code, test, and implement COBOL II programs for PAAS system (Public Aid Accounting System) using Micro Focus on AIX UNIX and IBM mainframe environments. Develop UNIX scripts and mainframe JCL for program execution.

Utilize Animator on UNIX and Expediter on mainframe for testing and debugging.

Modify Easytrieve programs to adapt to Century 2000 (Y2K) date change.

Utilize Panvalet on mainframe and AMS (vendor) proprietary software on UNIX for change control.

Utilize PC to access mainframe-using Novell, Rumba/Extra TSO. Utilize PC to access UNIX using TCP/IP.

Create/modify VSAM and sequential files as necessary for testing

SCB Technology, Nashville TN, 9/96 - 1/97 (Contract to State Farm Insurance in Bloomington, IL)


Design, code, and test new application programs pertaining to new financial systems. Declare cursors for retrieving data. Programming is done with embedded SQL DB2 programming, Cursor facility, and COBOL II code.

Code, test, and install DB2 plan and package binds. Create DB2 tables and generate own test data for programs. COBOL II print programs are also included with system.

Mainframe access is done with TSO/ISPF. XPEDITER software package is used for compiling and on-line testing of programs. PANVALET is used for production compiles and links. Resolve links and references before compiling. MVS JCL.

SCB Technology, Nashville TN, 11/95-8/96 (Contract to State of Tennessee)


Design, code, and install new application programs and user requested enhancements written in COBOL II on system developed by Arthur Andersen Consulting.

System was developed for the Tennessee Department of Corrections and is written to Andersen's DESIGN1 proprietary software specifications. System uses COBOLII for application programming language, CICS for screens, and DB2 for Database.

Utilize TSO/ISPF, Viasoft Smartest for testing, and Platinum for DB2 queries/table updates. MVS JCL.

Continuing education, Decatur IL 6/95-10/95

Enrolled in non-credit courses at Richland Community College to maintain programming skills.

Maxim Group, Tampa FL. 4/95-5/95 (Contract to GTE)

Pgmr Analyst

Analyze and document technical processes used to convert cellular roaming billing records to a format suitable for billing at clearing house. Process contained over 75 files and was DEC based. Documentation was created using Microsoft Word in a Windows 95 Beta release environment.

Computer Business Associates, Tampa Fl 3/95-4/95 (Contract to Time Customer Services)

Pgmr Analyst

Analyze, tune, evaluate, and provide backup documentation for DEC VAX 4000 system. Provided standalone boot capability. Wrote procedure to automatically reboot system when locked up, and send system manager VMS mail notification of it. System used as router hub for all of Time's mail systems and was very critical.

Caterpillar Inc., Decatur, IL 1964-1994

Information Services Supervisor 1986-1994

'Working' Supervisor responsible for supervising new application development; training staff in new technologies and software; doing program walk-throughs (IMS DB/DC, COBOL) with staff; assisting manager in reducing expenses from corporate headquarters; preparing budget and control; and writing new programs as necessary.

Reduced staff while effectively increasing productivity and minimizing costs.

Decreased budget by 30% through attrition, hardware replacement, and vendor negotiation.

Process Control 1981-1986

Duties entailed providing shop floor with computer-controlled machines and network through proper selection of hardware; personnel supervision; training and development; and LAN management.

Established network links between shop floor computer enabling troubleshooting between terminals resulting in increased productivity.

Developed office systems providing menu driven user friendly systems.

Manufacturing Foreman 1980-1981

Programmer/Staff 1977-1980

Accountable for CNC programming; handling hardware and software; personnel supervision; and ensuring daily performance and production requirements.

Designed, coded, and installed new mechanized system of maintaining obsolete CNC programs.

Created mechanical means to capture history on programming problems with CNC machines.

Responsible for receiving and releasing production parts and assemblies from Engineering into online data system after determining make/buy and production lead-time.

Analyst/Programmer 1975-1977

Responsible for systems design; programming; and designing code COBOL programs for financial and manufacturing systems.

Computer Operator 1974-1975

Laborer 1964-1974


Business Courses

Millikin University, Decatur, IL

Associates of Science in Accounting

Richland Community College, Decatur, IL

Professional Continuing Education in Motivation, Supervision, and Machine Shop Apprenticeship

August, 2000 - Intro to Visual Basic - 24 hours of class instruction Certificate received upon successful completion

January 2001 - Intro to HTML - 24 hours of class instruction Certificate received upon successful completion