Designed and coded IBM programs in COBOL and COBOLII using IMS DB/DC and DB2/CICS. Utilized TSO with MVS/JES environment. Included Accounting programs (Journal entry, Capital asset), MRP requirements programs, and Labor Burden programs.

Installed and configured IBM control units on a token ring network.

Installed SNA gateways which enable dumb terminals to access IBM network.

Configured, installed, and supported Digital Equipment Corporation computers (VAX 11/780, 11/785, 8650, 8810). Installed VMS 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x systems.

Clustered DEC computers using Star Coupler to share I/O and system files and disks.

Installed DEC terminal servers utilizing DECNET and LAT protocols.

Installed shop floor network consisting of 1,000+ dumb terminals utilizing broadband, baseband, and DECNET.

Installed DECNET network which enabled any terminal to access any one of ten different computers depending on application.

Installed terminal emulator package (DECTERM) which enabled any client terminal to emulate a DEC VT terminal from MSDOS windows. Print screen, page scroll, and session memory capabilities were included with this package.

Wrote backup and restore procedures for seven DEC mainframe computers to assure that all data was secure and could be retrieved at customer's request. (300 gigabytes of data backed up on a daily basis and maintained for a three month period.

Supported DEC systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Provided pager support as necessary to provide uninterrupted service to customer.

Installed and maintained a twenty-five node Novell Netware 3.X Network including security and administration.

Installed DEC office automation package ALLIN1. Made several system changes to software and integrated external software products as requested by customers.

Utilized Client/server hardware /software environment (Access, Powerbuilder, Focus) to reduce mainframe costs.